2019 - Exhibitor in the "Figuratively Speaking" show at the Art Association of Harrisburg
2018 - Phase One Certified Professional Certification
2018 - Photographer for "A Magnificent Grey" Poster and BTS
2016 - Selected Lecturer at The Denver Art Symposium: "Photography as Art: Shifting Perspectives of Peter Henry Emerson"
2016 - "Round Road" & "Smuggle" published in Riverrun academic journal for fine art
2016 - "A Futurist Present" exhibited in a Colorado Art Gallery
2015 - Winner of "My Place" Photography Competition & exhibited in Bankstown, Australia
2014 - Commissioned in Zambia for humanitarian 501(c)(3) organization
2013 - BTS Photographer for National Geographic's Drugs Inc.
2011 - Exhibited winner in "The Great Frame Up" Competition in Chicago
2008 - Winner of the Chicago Daily Herald Photography Contest
2004 - Awarded "Outstanding Achievement in the Arts" for creative photography

Graduated undergrad Summa Cum Laude in Art History
Currently in the MLA program at Johns Hopkins University
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